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The Fractalverse contains all of known space and time, including both the distant past and the far future. Whether you live in 3000 B. C. E. or 3000 C. E.—or beyond—the fractal nature of reality binds you to your fellow travelers. For we are all travelers among the stars.

Fractal Noise

This Spring, author Christopher Paolini invites you to travel back into the Fractalverse with Fractal Noise. Set twenty-three years before the events in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, this sci-fi thriller tells the story of humanity’s first discovery of alien intelligence.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Book Cover

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Join Kira Navárez on an epic adventure in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, one that will take her across the galaxy and force her to confront her greatest nightmare.


A uniquely advanced space station inhabited by both humans and Jellies, Unity stands as a beacon of life and hope. But when a crew member is found dead, it’s up to you to find the killer. Choose your own path as you investigate this Fractalverse murder mystery.

Fan Art

Come see the amazing art other fans have made! And join the fun by submitting your own!

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