Welcome to the Fractalverse shop, where you can find the latest curiosities stocked by the curators of Fink Nottle’s Pious Newt Emporium.

Fractalverse Pin

Hey Fractalnauts! This symbol contains the essence of the Fractalverse, a distillation of mystery, adventure, and hope. Wear this pin with pride, and then go forth and be awesome!


Fractal Galaxy Print

Dive into our cosmos and be mesmerized by the hypnotic motion of the Milky Way. This collectable print is sure to brighten the walls of your spaceship. (And it can help block oxygen from flowing out of any space-debris puncture holes in your quarters.) Signed by Christopher Paolini.



Wallfish Print

Honor the crew of the Wallfish with this gorgeous print. Signed by Christopher Paolini.


Orsted Station Print

Prepare for arrival! Orsted Station draws near as you approach from Jupiter to Ganymede. This print pairs nicely with the Fractal Galaxy print. Signed by Christopher Paolini.


Blue Fractalverse Tee

Pull on this shirt and know that you are ready to face the world with confidence!


Black Fractalverse Tee

Only a few of these Fractalverse shirts remain. Order now to own this classic!


Badali Jewelry

Jewelry by Badali! Adorn yourself with a gorgeous Fractalverse pendant, earring set, or charm. (And guys, check out the Fractalverse Medallion – Sterling Silver with Black Antiqued finish.) The seven stars— each one seven-sided—symbolize the seven major colonies found within To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, the seven crew members of the Wallfish, the seven words in the title, and more.

$19 to $137

Fractal Galaxy Blanket

Sink into the embrace of the Fractalverse with this woven blanket, your very own Sea of Stars. 100% Woven Cotton Blanket with Fringed Edges.


Fractalverse Hatch Pack

Collect your alien relics in this embroidered Fractalverse backpack. Comes in three color options.


UMC Patch

Collect your first patch from the Fractalverse! The design represents the UMC and was worn by the many brave service members who risked their lives to defend humanity. These 3” high woven patches come without backing, so they are easy to sew on any garment. Produced by the Monterey Company.