A massive space station, seven kilometers in diameter. Created in the aftermath of the Tripartite War between humans, Jellies, and nightmares, Unity combines the biological material of all three factions. The joining is facilitated via the technological wizardry of the Old Ones. Part animal, part plant, and part inorganic material, Unity stands as a beacon of life and hope in an otherwise hostile universe.

At the heart of the station is the station mind—a vast being made up of the brains of a Jelly (Qwon), and a human (Carr), grown together into a unique and singular whole. The station mind is a fitting symbol for Unity’s reason for existence: to serve as common ground between species that otherwise might destroy each other. And the motivation for keeping that peace? The opportunity to study Unity and the tech of the Old Ones.

As large as it is, the station is still growing, and no one knows when it will reach maturity . . . nor what maturity might look like for this amazing life form.

Early Stages of Growth

Unity Artwork by Pablo Domiguez, Terraform Studios