Kira Navárez

Earth-norm human female. Born July 25th, 2230 on the colony planet of Weyland, in the Epsilon Indi system. Trained as a xenobiologist and subsequently worked in that capacity for the Lapsang Trading Corporation (an interstellar conglomerate headquartered on Stewart’s World).

In 2257, while helping survey the moon Adrasteia in the Sigma Draconis system—as preparation for a new colony—Kira Navárez discovered the alien artifact known as the Seed.

This resulted in first contact between the humans and Jellies, which then led to a devastating, three-sided interstellar war between the humans, Jellies, and nightmares. Hundreds of millions died in the conflict.

The tripartite war ended a year later, in 2258, in a massive battle at Cordova-1420, a system located 28.8 ly from Sol, where the Jellies had been building up a massive fleet. During the battle, Kira Navárez killed the despotic leader of the Jellies, an ancient, highly-intelligent individual known as Ctein. Directly afterward, she confronted the controlling intelligence of the nightmares, a huge creature that called itself the Maw. During this confrontation, Kira and the Maw were nearly vaporized by a Casaba-Howitzer detonated by the human forces.

The Seed subsequently reconstituted Kira Navárez and the sentient parts of the Maw into a joined consciousness. Navárez was successful in extracting at least some part of her original body and identity, whereupon she constructed the station known as Unity to serve as a meeting place and common ground between humans and Jellies.

Once Unity was complete, Navárez separated herself from the parts of her consciousness that had made up the Maw (now seemingly pacified), and departed in search of the seven sentient offspring the Maw sent out into the Milky Way before traveling to Cordova-1420.

Current whereabouts of Kira Navárez: Unknown.

Kira - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

Artwork by Pablo Dominguez, Terraform Studios

Artwork by Phillip Boutté Jr., 9B