Flora & Fauna

In the beginning, the universe exploded into existence and primordial stars formed. Those stars died and in turn exploded, creating the heavier elements that made up everything in the universe.

Scattered among the far-flung specks of heat and light that dotted the emptiness of space . . . was life: rare, precious, and fragile.

B. Loomisii

Survey team member Seppo found this orange, lichen-like bacteria growing on Adrasteia and named it for his uncle, Mr. Bruce Loomis, of Earth.

Glitter Bug

A small, insect-like animal native to Eidolon. Noted for its brilliant, metallic exoskeleton.

Lion Clam

An animal native to Eidolon. Its amber shell was used in the manufacture of a sepia-colored ink.

Midnight Constellation

Kira was fond of these unusual, shade-loving flowers, which brought back memories of her childhood, working with her father in their greenhouses and trying to coax the temperamental plants to bloom. Each plant consisted of a slender stem topped with a purple-petalled flower, which drooped gracefully to one side. A cluster of pollen-tipped stamen extended from within each blossom—like bursts of fireworks—while a galaxy of white speckles adorned their velvety inner throats.


A coral-like organism native to Pelagius that the Wranaui commonly used as a decorative element. Some varieties secreted a clear coating that had mild psychotropic effects on the immature forms of the Wranaui.


These peculiar polyp-like animals were native to the Arctic regions of Eidolon. Every solar eclipse, they detached from their anchor points (usually rocks) and hopped fourteen times. Why they did this was unknown.


This many-legged saltwater animal was native to Pelagius and was noted for its solitary habits. It had a crustacean-like shell and was omnivorous.

Oros Fern

A green-black plant native to Eidolon that had leaves that grew from a coiled shape similar to fiddleheads.


The Wranaui found this fish-like animal a delicacy. It was native to their watery homeworld, Pelagius, and noted for the coppery taste of its meat.


A large, feline-like predator that was native to Eidolon. It had sharp fangs, barbs on its back, yellow eyes, and displayed high intelligence.