Governments in the Fractalverse—whether human or alien—come in a vast array of forms.


Six semi-autonomous political and sociogenetic organizations in Wranaui society. Each Arm acted as it saw fit, but could be overridden by the governing form, which for hundreds of years was the mighty Ctein. The Arm Tfeir was noted for its heresy of the flesh—that is, when members broke the taboo on self-replication without the death of one’s original form via the Nest of Transference. This was a major contributing factor to the Sundering.

LAW Icon - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars League of Allied Worlds

The interstellar government formed after the discovery of the Great Beacon on Talos VII; the knowledge that there was another space-faring species in the galaxy drove the push to unite humanity under a common banner. Some colonies and outposts—most notably Shin-Zar—resisted joining out of a desire to keep their independence. When it was formed in the 2230s, the League consisted of settlements in and around Sol, Alpha Centauri, Epsilon Indi, Epsilon Eridani, and 61 Cygni.

Shin Zar Icon - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Shin-Zar

The independent spirit of the settlers on Shin-Zar—a high-g planet in orbit around Tau Ceti—made it the only major colony to refuse membership with the League. This resulted in armed conflict between Zarian forces and the League, and the loss of some thousands of lives on both sides. The Entropists, who valued their autonomy, situated their headquarters near Shin-Zar.

UMC (United Military Command) Logo - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of StarsUnited Military Command

Conflict among humans increased as they spread out from Earth. Following the creation of the League and the passage of the Stellar Security Act, much of humanity’s military forces were consolidated into the UMC, giving it tremendous strength and reach. Battles of sovereignty occurred with several groups that insisted upon remaining independent, including the planetary government of Shin-Zar.

LAW Diagram - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse