Other Organizations

A miscellanea of other groups and organizations.

Knot of Minds

In general, any group of Wranaui bound and dedicated to a singular purpose. A solemn and sacred joining traditionally sealed by winding one’s tentacles/limbs around those of the other bondees. As such, a Knot often only had seven members (that being the number of primary tentacles the main Wranaui form had), but the concept was sometimes expanded to include more. In the modern era, a Knot could be formed over lowsound nearscent, but there was bias against those Knots as being less binding than those formed in person.

During events of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, the Knot referred to the group founded by Shoal Leader Nmarhl and its compatriots with the purpose of opposing Ctein’s leadership and safeguarding the Idealis later bonded with Kira Navárez.

Ponder Union

Workers union at the Ceres shipyard. Its leaders had a reputation for obstructing contract negotiations and riling their members in such a way that little work actually got done.

Screaming Clams

A group of asteroid miners in 61 Cygni who were famous for maneuvering a drone up against a Jelly ship and blasting it open during a battle with the Jellies.