“. . . and she dreamed slow dreams of strange planets with strange skies and of spiral fractals that flowered in forgotten spaces.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars


A terrestrial, ESI 0.84, Class M moon of the gas giant Zeus in the Sigma Draconis system, where Kira and the survey team scouted for the Lapsang Corp. Kira and Alan had hoped to raise a family there as first-wave colonists on the Shakti-Uma-Sati.

In mythology, Adrasteia, which means inescapable in Greek, is the name of a nymph who cared for the infant Zeus in secret.


This Earth-like garden planet—which orbited Epsilon Eridani— teamed with life, all non-sentient. Most of it was deadly, either poisonous or hostile. Home to the infamous tigermauls. Colonists on Eidolon had the highest mortality rate of any settled planet.

The main settlement was Plinth, where the planet’s central commission was based.


The human name for the Wranaui homeworld. It orbited an F-type star, 340 light-years from Sol.


Rocky, class M planet that orbited 61 Cygni A. Terrestrial, ESI 1. Orbital period is 188 days.

Ruslan was the second newest colony in the League, behind Weyland. It was primarily settled by Russian interests and was famous for its space elevator, the Petrovich Beanstalk. RTC News was broadcast from Ruslan.

Shin Zar Icon - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Shin-Zar

The independent spirit of the settlers on Shin-Zar—a high-g planet in orbit around Tau Ceti—made it the only major colony to refuse membership with the League. This resulted in armed conflict between Zarian forces and the League, and the loss of some thousands of lives on both sides. The Entropists, who valued their autonomy, situated their headquarters near Shin-Zar.

A large proportion of Zarians colonists were of Korean descent. Population-wide gene-hacks helped them adapt to the stronger-than-Earth gravity. Large amounts of dust and asteroids often bombarded the planet, so underground shelters were common.

Stewart’s World

Discovered and named by Ort Stewart, this rocky planet in orbit around Alpha Centauri was the first settled world outside of Sol. The settlers there produced a higher than normal proportion of scientists, as their expertise was needed to survive the harsh environment. Many spacers came from Stewart’s World as they were eager to live somewhere more temperate.


This colony planet orbited Epsilon Indi and was named after the Nordic/Germanic smith of legend. It had no notable native life-forms. Kira’s parents were some of the first settlers to arrive, and they worked diligently to make the world habitable.

A spaceship once crashed into the moon Orlog in the system. The resulting antimatter explosion left a crater so big it was visible by the naked eye from space.