Highlights from the Fractalverse, as recorded by Entropist scribes at the Nova Energium Motherhouse near Shin-Zar.

1700–1800 (est.)

The Sundering


Earth’s first space elevator was constructed. Having an off-Earth launch point facilitated exploration and economic development within the Solar System (Sol). The first humans landed on Mars, the first moon base and several space stations were built, and asteroid mining began.


With the space elevator up, colonization of the Solar System accelerated. The Hutterite Expansion began, the first floating city on Venus was established, and outposts were built on Mars. Many more habitats and stations were built throughout the system. Construction began on an orbital ring around Earth. Giant solar arrays built in space provided cheap power throughout Sol.

Fission-powered, nuclear-thermal rockets were the primary mode of transportation within the Solar System. Toward the end of this period, powerful fusion drives replaced these older rockets, drastically reducing travel times.

Mathematician Jalal Sunyaev-Zel’dovich published the founding precepts of Entropism, which were codified in the Entropic Principia.

Venus and Mars remained tightly tied to Earth, politically and resource-wise, but independence movements began to form. As humans spread out, clashes began between the outer settlements and the inner planets, and militias sprang up on Mars and among the asteroid miners. Law enforcement became increasingly difficult. In response, international space law was further developed by the UN and individual governments. Space-based corporations used private security firms to safeguard their investments. Space was fully militarized at this point.

Overlays, implants, and genetic modification were common among those who could afford them.


Fink-Nottle’s Pious Newt Emporium was established.

STEM shots were invented, effectively rendering humans biologically immortal. This led to the launch of several self-sustaining, sublight colony ships to Alpha Centauri.

Soon after, Ilya Markov codified the unified field theory (UFT). A working prototype of an FTL drive was constructed in 2114. The experimental vessel Daedalus made its first FTL flight.

FTL ships departed for Alpha Centauri, overtaking sublight colony ships. The first extra-solar colony was founded on Stewart’s World at Alpha Centauri.

In 2122, Oelert confirmed that the majority of local superluminal matter existed in a vast halo around the Milky Way.

Several more extra-solar colonies followed, first on Shin-Zar and then on Eidolon. Some outposts were funded by corporations, others by nations back on Earth. Either way, colonies were initially highly dependent on supplies from Sol. Most colonists ended up deep in debt after buying the various pieces of required equipment.


Weyland was colonized.

Numenism was founded on Mars by Sal Horker II circa 2165–2179.

As the colonies grew, they asserted their independence from Earth and Sol more agressively. Venus tried and failed to win its independence during the Zahn Offensive. Clashes between local factions also increased. An example of this was the Unrest on Shin-Zar.

Ruslan was colonized.


Kira Navárez was born.


The Great Beacon on Talos VII was discovered by Captain Idris and the crew of the SLV Adamura.

The League of Allied Worlds was formed, despite much resistance and suspicion. Passage of the Stellar Security Act led to the creation of the UMC and consolidation of much of humanity’s forces. Some colonies abstained from joining the League, resulting in battles of sovereignty with those who insisted on remaining independent, including, most notably, the planetary government of Shin-Zar.

A severe winter storm on Weyland resulted in significant damage to the Navárez family greenhouses.


The corruption scandal with Sasha Petrovich near the end of 2249 resulted in the resignation of Ruslan’s governor, Maxim Novikov.


These two years marked an important turning point in human history. They began with the Kira’s discovery of the Seed on the moon Adrasteia, followed by the human/Wranaui/nightmare war, and culminated with the defeat of the Maw and the subsequent creation of the Unity station. A full accounting of these events may be found in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.