Jelly/Wranaui Characters

The Jellies, also known as Wranaui, were a sentient, space-faring race that originated on the planet Pelagius. They had many different body shapes, which were designed to match the work they performed. Learn more about Jelly Lifeforms

Artwork by Jorge Norgaard, 9B


Jelly - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Qwon was the first Jelly that Kira saw. Qwon’s fate was sealed when an explosion blew it out of the Extenuating Circumstances along with Dr. Carr and a piece of Kira’s suit.

Jelly - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Other Jelly/Wranaui Characters


The Great and Mighty Ctein ruled the Jellies for centuries from its rocky mound amid the Abyssal Conclave in the oceans of Pelagius. It had dozens of tentacles, thousands of eyes, and a nuclear reactor within its core.


When Itari was assigned to guard Kira and her companions, the Jelly took its mission very seriously. Not only did Itari help them escape their enemies, it provided a much needed source of information about Wranaui culture and history. As thanks, Kira requested that Itari be allowed hatching rights, which Lphet agreed to.


Lphet was the leader of the Knot of Minds and master mind of the plot to overthrow the great and mighty Ctein.

Shoal Leader Nmarhl

Long ago, Shoal Leader Nmarhl was joined with the Idealis, formed the Knot of Minds, and led them in opposition to the great and mighty Ctein. It was Nmarhl who hid the Idealis on Adrasteia, where Kira later discovered it.

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