Adra Team

This advance team of scientists was sent by the Lapsang Corporation to investigate Adrasteia, moon of the gas giant Zeus in the Sigma Draconis system. If the survey team’s mission succeeded, the Shakti-Uma-Sati would bring colonists from 61 Cygni to begin terraforming the planet.

Barnes, Alan J.

Alan was working as a geologist for the Lapsang Trading Corp. when Kira first met him. She was entranced by his pale skin and coppery hair, but most of all, it was his calm, diligence, and thoughtfulness that impressed her.

Esfahani, Neghar

Pilot Neghar was as neat and compact as the shuttles she flew. Kira felt no fear with her in the cockpit.


Doc Fizel’s surly personality annoyed the other team members. When his skills were needed, however, they knew he would be thorough.


The team counted on no-nonsense Ivanova for base defense.


It was Jenan who smelted the iron ore that Alan brought him and then used to make Kira’s ring.


Quick of wit and graceful of movement, Marie-Élise was Kira’s close friend on Adra.


Barrel chested Mendoza was expedition boss for the survey mission on Adra. Team members knew that he was tough but fair.


Dry, barren Adrasteia had little in the way of plant life, but as team botanist, it was Seppo’s responsibility to figure out what could (and couldn’t) grow in its native soil. It was he who found B. Loomisii, the orange, lichen-like bacteria growing on rocks by the sea.


Large-hearted Yugo worked in the greenhouse and cooked the meals.