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“For all their intelligence, ship minds were no more immune to regret and nostalgia than the rest of non-augmented humanity. Nor should they be.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
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“The pseudo-intelligence, Morven, was capable enough, but like all such programs, it was limited in ways that a human—or human-derived—intelligence wasn’t.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
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Gregorovich - Wallfish Crew - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
Artwork by Jorge Norgaard, 9B


Once a base-normal human, Gregorovich chose to become a ship mind after his body was irreparably damaged in a near-fatal accident.

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Other Ship Minds & Pseudo-intelligences


Pseudo-intelligence on the shuttle Valkyrie. Ando was programed by the ship mind Bishop to help Kira flee Sigma Draconis.


Ship mind of the Extenuating Circumstances who helped Kira escape the doomed ship.

Horzcha Ubuto

UMCS Darmstadt ship mind who coordinated with Gregorovich during their time at Bughunt.


Pseudo-intelligence of the Wallfish. Morven ran ship systems before Gregorovich was installed, and the program kept the ship functioning when Gregorovich was incapacitated or in cryo.