Other Places

“Choose well, Traveler. Think long. Think fast.
Eat the path.” Inarë, To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Nidus Artwork by Finnian MacManus, Terraform Studios

Fink-Nottle’s Pious Newt Emporium

Famed amphibian retailer C. J. Weenus established his store on Earth circa 2104. In the 2250s, Captain Falconi
and the Wallfish crew bought 777,777 newts from the emporium to sell on Ruslan, fulfilling a demand for pets
that was spurred by a children’s entertainment show, Yanni the Newt.


Nidus - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

Named after the planet, the city Nidus was the first abandoned settlement of the Old Ones that humans discovered, and final resting place of the Staff of Blue. The city was obviously empty, yet it felt . . . dormant, as if awaiting a signal to awaken.


Cloud Cities

Innovative, neutral density hab-domes that floated in the clouds of Venus. Noted for their wealth and high standard of living.