Other Things

Kira encountered many intriguing things during her travels.
Here are a few.

The goal of this traditional spacer card game was to accumulate as many sevens or multiples of seven as possible by adding values of cards (face cards go by their numerical value). Kira and Falconi bet secrets on rounds of this game. See the full rules

Staff of Blue

A command module of immense power constructed by the Old Ones.

Staff of Green

Kira offered Trig this artifact constructed by the Seed. With it, Trig could grow things even where normally life would not find purchase. Moreover, it puts forth a single red fruit once every day. It wasn’t much, but was enough to fend off starvation. Trig never feared going hungry again.


Alan gave Kira an engagement ring with a stone of this mineral, which was unique to Adrasteia. It was similar to benitoite but more purple.