Extenuating Circumstances

Artwork by Pablo Dominguez, Terraform Studios

“The most striking feature of the Extenuating Circumstances was the banks of radiators that lined its midsection, starting directly behind the habitats and continuing all the way down to the swell of the engine. The edges of the diamond fins flashed and gleamed as they caught the light of the sun, and the tubes of molten metal embedded within the fins shone like silver veins.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

The UMCS Extenuating Circumstances was one of the UMC’s new cruisers (another being the Darmstadt). Two Markov-drive equipped shuttles hugged its side, ready to deploy as needed. It was one of those, the Valkyrie, that Kira used to escape Sigma Draconis.

Extenuating Circumstances

Seen here above Earth, the Extenuating Circumstances was a massive vessel.

Extenuating Circumstances

The radiators could extend to dissipate excess heat, then fold close to the body of the ship to increase maneuverability. When open, the four habitat petals rotated to provide gravity.

Extenuating Circumstances

“In all, the ship looked like a huge, deadly insect: thin, sharp, and glittery.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Destruction of the UMCS Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances Breaking Apart - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars by Christopher Paolini

“The split in the hull widened; the Extenuating Circumstances was tearing itself apart, each half drifting in a different direction.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Kira into space as the Extenuating Circumstances is ripped apart - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

“She was hurtling away from the middle of the Extenuating Circumstances, but the forward section of the ship was listing toward her, and ahead of her gleamed a row of the diamond radiators. Two of the fins were broken, and ropes of silver metal leaked from the veins within.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Hardware Design and Function

Extenuating Circumstances

“The habitat sections were hinged so they could lie flat against the stem of the ship when under thrust . . .” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

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