Artwork by Jorge Norgaard, 9B

” . . . there seemed to be no consistency among the shapes of the different nightmares. At least with the Jellies, it was clear the various types were somehow related . . . The nightmares lacked any such cohesion, aside from the consistently diseased look of their hides.”
To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Nightmare - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

These malignant creatures—with their perverted collection of distorted limbs, tentacles, and pseudopods—were the result of an unsuccessful joining between the Seed and another life form, usually when one or more were damaged beyond repair.

“As they hurried past, she smelled them: a burnt, cinnamon-like scent laced with a sickening mix of shit and putrefaction. Whatever they were, the creatures weren’t healthy. Two of the beast-like nightmares glanced in her direction as they passed by. Their eyes were tiny and red-rimmed and wept drops of yellowish fluid.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Nightmare - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

A few Corrupted contained a spark of intelligence from the Maw and were especially dangerous. Some of these took a humanoid shape.

Nightmare Dog - Fractalverse

“The thought that the nightmares might be specifically hunting her was deeply disturbing.” To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Close up of Bipedal Nightmare - Fractalverse

Many nightmares had red, raw-looking skin that oozed lymph-like fluid, along with patches of black, wire-thick hair that dotted their scabrous hides.

Nightmare from To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse