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You flew on the wings of dragons, now soar into a sea of stars. . . .

From Christopher Paolini, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Eragon, comes the sci-fi novel To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, the first installment in a bold and brand new sci-fi universe, the FRACTALVERSE.

TSIASOS debuted on 9/15/2020 to rave reviews and high ranks on every sales chart including #4 on the New York Times Bestseller List (print hardcover) and #15 on the USA Today Bestseller List (across all book categories), and it was selected by GoodReads readers as the best science-fiction novel of 2020.

Like Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle, the Fractalverse is an immense universe designed to scale and flourish across multiple forms of media for decades to come. A growing cast of memorable, relatable characters will continue to draw readers into a vast arena of unforgettable sci-fi adventures filled with iconic creatures, epic stakes, engrossing mystery, and rollicking fun.

Come join us in cultivating and celebrating this new sci-fi universe, now and for years to come!

Author Christopher Paolini - Photo Credit Lo Hunter

“The skills honed in his YA fantasy series are on full display here in his vibrant world building, especially in the mythology of the alien tech. Paolini populates this universe with a large cast of interesting and relatable characters, and mostly avoids reductive good guy/bad guy dynamics, lending the story a sincere emotional depth. Highly recommended for fans of James A. Corey’s The Expanse series and for fantasy fans willing to try space opera.” — Booklist, starred review

“The rollicking pace, rapidly developing stakes, and Paolini’s confident world-building make them (the pages) fly by… A fun, fast-paced epic that science fiction fans will gobble up.” —Kirkus Review

“This is Paolini’s best book so far, skillfully done, brilliantly imagined and cleverly executed. It’s accessible and engaging and left us wanting more.”.” —Starburst Magazine

“Dazzles with otherworldly delights—and unearthly .” —Newsweek

Auidobook Narrated by Jennifer Hale

Alongside the novel, Macmillan Audio produced the TSIASOS audiobook. It was read by Jennifer Hale, who is recognized by the Guinness World Records as “the most prolific female video game voice actor” in history. Best known for her portrayal of Commander Shepard in the Mass Effect game series, Hale has worked on an esteemed list of high-profile properties, including Star Wars,Halo,World of Warcraft,Lord of the Rings, Batman, Spider Man, BioShock, Overwatch, The Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, God of War, Metroid Prime, and countless others.

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars is the first audiobook that Ms. Hale has read, and her deep ties to the gaming community have brought significant attention to the novel.

Accompanying the novel’s debut on 9/15/20, the audiobook broke into the Top 20 audiobooks on Audible on its very first week, second only to Dune in the sci-fi genre.

Receiving Audible’s highest “unputdownable” rank for the number of users bingeing on it, the TSIASOS audiobook won the Earphones Award from Audiofile Magazine as the best audiobook of the month!

“Gamers will connect to the epic, massive scope… If you love sci-fi and games with full universes, you’ll love what Chris has done with this book.” —Jennifer Hale

Guinness World Record for “the most prolific female video game voice actor” in history

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars Book Trailer with Audio

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