The Maw

An enormous, malevolent entity formed via the synthesis of the human Dr. Julian Aldus Carr and the Jelly Qwon, following severe tissue damage to both their bodies, and the subsequent attempts by a likewise damaged portion of the Seed to repair their bodies. Unfortunately the damage caused the Seed’s directive to repair and maintain its biological hosts to malfunction, which resulted in the Carr/Qwon host growing until it was the size of a small moon.

The corruption, and the unbalanced mental processes of the Carr/Qwon joining, also resulted in the entity—the Maw as it chose to call itself—attempting to spread life wherever it could. This led to the creation of the nightmares: cancerous, self-replicating lifeforms with an insatiable desire to breed, grow, and spread.

Artwork by Finnian MacManus, Terraform Studios