Other Alien Characters

The Fractalverse is home to a host of fascinating lifeforms. Kira encountered some of the most terrifying during her adventures with the alien suit. Many wonders still wait to be discovered . . .

The Maw

The MAW - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

The mouth of the Maw was like a gaping sore. See more


These malignant creatures—with their perverted collection of distorted limbs, tentacles, and pseudopods—were the result of an unsuccessful joining between the Seed and another life form. See more

Other Alien Characters


Kira made these highly intelligent biomechanical creatures to care for Unity. It was speculated that they communicate through some sort of hive mind. They were responsible for general maintenance and minor construction on the station.

Old Ones

The Old Ones, or Vanished, were an ancient race responsible for making the Seed (Idealis/Soft Blade), the Great Beacons, and numerous other technological artifacts found throughout the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. Humanoid, with two sets of arms, they stood about two meters tall. Evidence showed they predated every other known self-aware species. None were known to have survived. However, Kira—through the memories of the suit—glimpsed one of their leaders, the Highmost, who wielded terrifying powers. The Highmost lead the ruling council known as the Heptarchy.


The Old Ones created this skeletal creature to enforce their commands. It had the power to assume direct physical control over a living creature’s actions through injections of nanobots into their brain case. It was highly intelligent, highly dangerous, impervious to most weapons, and known to amass large armies of enslaved sentients.