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The United Military Command was a massive organization that spanned the stars. Established on Earth in the mid 2230s, it grew to oversee most of the inhabited planets and colonies. Kira Navárez encountered a number of its members during the events of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars.
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Captain Akawe

A career military man, Captain Akawe lost his body during riots instigated by the Ponder Union at the Ceres shipyards. Rather than wait for a cloned replacement or choosing to become a ship mind, Akawe had his brain transferred into an android body, otherwise known as a construct. “Kira was astonished when Captain Akawe peeled back the dark skin on his arm to access the wires beneath. He was, Kira saw, a construct, which explained his too perfect look.” After briefly melding with the Soft Blade, Akawe made the difficult decision to take the UMC Darmstadt and her crew along with the Wallfish in search of the Staff of Blue, out past the edge of explored space.

Dr. Carr

A small, unpleasant man with a short-cropped mustache. The crew of the Extenuating Circumstances relied on Dr. Carr to find out if the alien organism covering Kira was contagious. He used every resource, without mercy, to test Kira and the suit. Carr’s treatment of Kira played an instrumental part in the later formation of the nightmares.

Rear Admiral Shar Dabo

Shar Dabo was in charge of Ruslan operations during the Human-Jelly war. When Captain Akawe presented her with information about the Staff of Blue, she punted the request to Earth Central, forcing Akawe to act on his own.

Corporal Iska

Corporal Iska was one of six survivors from the Extenuating Circumstances. He volunteered to stay on Adrasteia with Major Tschetter, which allowed the other four to rendezvous with Kira on the UMCS Valkyrie.

Admiral Klein

One look at Admiral Klein—with his perfect military posture, haircut, and four rows of service ribbons—was all it took to know who was in charge. The Premier of the League ordered him to take the Seventh Fleet and exterminate the Jellies at Cordova-1420.

Officer Koyich

When Admiral Klein needed an order carried out, he turned to Ferr Koyich, his second in command. Koyich’s yellow, glowing, gene-hacked eyes and brusque attitude made him a force to be reckoned with among the enlisted personnel.


Moros was part of the team of Marines that landed on Nidus.

Corporal Nishu

What Nishu lacked in height, he made up with his massive shoulders and paw-like hands. He was part of the Nidus landing party. Unfortunately, it was his last mission.

Specialist Orso

Francis Orso lost an arm and a leg after being hit by shrapnel during a border skirmish between the League and Shin-Zar. His arm and leg were subsequently regrown. True soldier that he was, Orso offered Kira the option of eating one or more of his limbs, to prevent her from starving during her journey to 61 Cygni.

Captain Ravenna

Captain of the Fidanza. Kira and Alan were planning to have Ravenna marry them on their way back to 61 Cygni.

Private Reisner

Reisner’s first mission turned out to be more dangerous and important than she imagined. She was one of six survivors from the Extenuating Circumstances, and one of four subsequently rescued by Kira on the Valkyrie.

Petty Officer Samson

This red-haired beanpole of a man was one of six survivors from the Extenuating Circumstances. He was subsequently rescued by Kira on the Valkyrie.


A thin faced, mournful-eyed Marine who was a member of the Nidus landing team.


Tatupoa was a striking Marine. He had thick, dark eyebrows and lines of shifting blue writing tattooed on his huge arm muscles. His teeth glittered with implanted nanowires. He was part of the Nidus landing team.

Major Tschetter

Major Ilina Tschetter embodied the discipline of her Reformed Hutterite upbringing. Despite her cast-iron hairdo and harsh demeanor, she nevertheless played a pivotal role in brokering peace between humans and Jellies.

Ensign Yarrek

Heavyset Yarrek was one of six survivors from the Extenuating Circumstances. He was subsequently rescued by Kira on the Valkyrie.