SLV Wallfish

Wallfish Artwork by Pablo Dominguez, Terraform Studios

The Wallfish was an old fish. That much Kira was able to determine from the ship’s records. What was left of them. Half seemed corrupted; the other half seemed to have been deliberately deleted. And the most recent ones were crew access only.

Still, she was able to learn a few things. The SLV Wallfish had started its life as an E-class cargo transport in the Alpha Centauri system, nearly a hundred years ago, when the colonies on Stewart’s World were still struggling to establish themselves. Originally the ship had been outfitted with a low-powered fission drive, which meant it spent most of its time coasting in free-fall (she had been right about the rotating hab section). Later the ship had been retrofitted with a more efficient fusion drive, and it was at that point that the records became too spotty to follow.

Whatever the ship had been used for, Kira doubted that it was entirely legal.

One thing she was able to discover; the Wallfish had a weapon: a mining laser mounted at the prow. It wasn’t much, but regardless, she felt better knowing the old tub had some means of defending itself.”

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, deleted scene

Wallfish Spaceship from To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

The Wallfish was home to Falconi and his crew, including ship cat Mr. Fuzzypants and ship pig Runcible. Ship mind Gregorovich ran the vessel and tormented/entertained the crew with his eccentric ramblings. Buy Poster

Wallfish Spaceship from To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

” . . . Kira looked up the definition of ‘wallfish’. . . . He’d named his ship the ‘Snail’? To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Wallfish Spaceship from To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Captain Falconi’s ship reflected his style: rough on the exterior, warm and even cozy on the inside. The two cargo holds often carried merchandise of dubious origin.

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