Wallfish Crew

Falconi’s crew haled from different places, yet they were drawn together by a love of adventure, the desire for independence, and the need for credits. They were alert to profit-making possibilities, including the transport of contraband, refugees, and . . . newts. Despite their checkered history, their actions helped save humanity. See the Wallfish

Trig - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
Artwork by Mike Uwandi, 9B


Trig was the youngest member of the crew and full of youthful enthusiasm. He was often found with a ration bar in hand, entertaining the crew with eye-rolling puns. His bravery and loyalty to the Wallfish and her crew never wavered. Born and raised on Utgard Station (a mining outpost at 61 Cygni B), his real name, which he was loath to share, was Epiphany Jones.

Captain Salvo Falconi

Intrepid owner and captain of the Wallfish. Falconi had ice blue eyes, a muscular physique, and a deep spacers tan. His favorite weapon was a grenade launcher named Francesca.

Mr. Fuzzypants

By tradition and for good luck, every spaceship carried a ship cat. In the case of the Wallfish, that meant the grouchy Siamese, Mr. Fuzzypants.

Ship Mind Gregorovich

Once a base-normal human, Gregorovich chose to become a ship mind after his body was irreparably damaged in a near-fatal accident. Following his transformation into a giant brain covered with tubes and wires, he lived inside a black metal sarcophagus filled with a nutrient bath. A committed eccentric, he was fond of pithy and off-kilter sayings that often left his companions amused and confused in equal measure.

Nielsen, Audrey

Falconi brought this tall, straight-backed, no-nonsense woman on board to help organize things on the Wallfish. She left her home in a Venusian cloud city after she and her husband divorced because of Nielsen’s medical difficulties (caused by in utero gene-hacking). STEM shots slowed the appearance of aging, but she had three children and was a grandmother.


A ship pig? Why not! Runcible loved to sit on Falconi’s lap and get scratched behind the ears.

Song, Hwa-jung

Gene-hacking was common on Hwa-jung’s homeworld of Shin-Zar. She carried the extra muscle mass and large lungs its residents needed to live in the planet’s high gravity and low oxygen atmosphere. She was the Wallfish mechanic and saved the crew on more than one occasion with her creative fixes.


Despite her pixie haircut and petite size, Sparrow—formerly of the Fourteenth Division, UMCM, Europa Command—was tough as titanium nails.

Doctor Vishal

Kind-hearted to a fault, Vishal was always ready to aid his fellow crew members by cooking up a tasty meal or mending the wounds of war.