Star Systems

“To reach beyond the stuff of day-to-day
Is worth this life of mine. Our kind is meant
To search and seek among the outer bounds,
And when we land upon a distant shore,
To seek another yet farther still. . . .”

The Farthest Shore, Harrow Glantzer


Bughunt was the UMC name for a system formerly occupied by the Old Ones, far from human-settled space. Debris of extraordinary technology was scattered throughout the system. Orbiting Bughunt was the planet Nidus, and on its surface a city of the same name.


This orange-red star system was used by the Jellies as a forward operating base and long-term surveillance post for observing humanity. It was the site of Kira’s epic battle with the Great and Mighty Ctein, and the location of Unity.

The star Cordoba Durchmusterung -27°14659.

61 Cygni

Two stars formed the core of this system, which was the destination of the UMC Valkyrie when Kira left Adrasteia in the Sigma Draconis system.

61 Cygni A: 11.4 light years from Sol. K3.5-5.0 Ve, orange-red, .7 mass of Sol

Major satellites were Chelomey, Karelin, Grozny, Tsiolkovsky, Hydrotek 223, Ruslan, Dunya, Eskachev, Vlast, and Vyyborg Station

61 Cygni B: 11.4 light years from Sol. K4.7-7.0 Ve orange-red, .63 of mass of Sol

Only settlement was Undset Station. Extensive mining took place in the asteroid belts around Cygni B.

Sigma Draconis

A G97, .89 mass of Sol, star in the Draco Constellation, 18.77 light years from Sol.

Satellites included the gas giant Zeus and (orbiting Zeus) the moon Adrasteia, which the Lapsang Trading Company selected as a site for a potential human colony. It was on Adrasteia that Kira found the Soft Blade.


The solar system is the home of Earth, cradle of humanity.