Whether STL or FTL capable, spaceships have allowed sentient species to spread throughout the Milky Way galaxy, ever expanding the frontiers of knowledge.


Battleship - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

Battleships such as the Unrelenting Force were the largest standard ship class in the UMC Navy. See more


Extenuating Circumstances - cruiser spaceships

These UMC ships were designed to operate solo on long-distance surveys and patrols. They were smaller and more maneuverable than battleships, but still formidable. Standard gear included two Markov-equipped shuttles capable of traveling orbit-to-surface and surface-to-orbit. See also: Extenuating Circumstances.

Naru-class Jelly ship

Jelly Spaceships - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

These medium-mass Jelly ships carried a limited number of troops, usually no more than three squids, two or three crawlers, and the same number of snappers. The Wranaui called their spaceships shells, a term derived from their own protective carapaces.

Nightmare Ships

Nightmare Spaceship - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

These monstrosities combined elements of human and Jelly anatomy in grotesque ships that housed the nightmares themselves. The vessels traveled at enormous speed and showed little regard for self-preservation. See more.