Meet The Maw!

A malignant juggernaut weaponized with toxic, rotting flesh, the Maw was an unholy amalgamation of Jellies, human beings, and the Soft Blade. It’s hard to imagine what this ghoulish monstrosity might look like. Now, thanks to the outstanding artists at Terraform Studios, you are cordially invited to meet the Maw in some of its most terrifying forms.

The MAW - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
An enormous red, tumorous island of flesh floating through space . . . [Read More]
The MAW - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
The Maw was formidable, the size of a small moon . . . [Read More]

What inspired the Maw?

The brainchild for this grotesque creature did not come from any science-fiction or horror film. Instead, author Christopher Paolini looked to the Soft Blade for inspiration, creating the Maw as a dark mirror of the suit. The Soft Blade’s purpose was to give life, while the Maw represents the opposite and demonstrates the malevolent capabilities of the suit when it’s misused.

The MAW - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
The mouth of the Maw was like a gaping sore . . . [Read More]

More Nightmares

As you explore this Universe and To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, what other bone-chilling things might you uncover? Does the gaping mouth of the Maw now haunt your dreams? How about a spaceship made from human bone? Let Christopher know on social media what your worst nightmare is in the Fractalverse!

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Meet the Maw