Concept Art Galore!

Concept Art Galore

Dive into the Fractalverse with this collection of exclusive concept art, commissioned by Christopher Paolini to capture the inner workings of his imagination!



Battleships such as the Unrelenting Force were the largest standard ship class in the UMC Navy.

UMCS Extenuating Circumstances:

“The most striking feature of the Extenuating Circumstances was the banks of radiators that lined its midsection, starting directly behind the habitats and continuing all the way down to the swell of the engine. The edges of the diamond fins flashed and gleamed as they caught the light of the sun, and the tubes of molten metal embedded within the fins shone like silver veins.”

To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

The UMCS Extenuating Circumstances was one of the UMC’s new cruisers (another being the Darmstadt). Two Markov-drive equipped shuttles hugged its side, ready to deploy as needed. It was one of those, the Valkyrie, that Kira used to escape Sigma Draconis.

Naru-class Jelly Ship

These medium-mass Jelly ships carried a limited number of troops, usually no more than three squids, two or three crawlers, and the same number of snappers. The Wranaui called their spaceships shells, a term derived from their own protective carapaces.

Jelly Spaceship - Fractalverse - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars,
concept art galore

Nightmare Ships

These monstrosities combined elements of human and Jelly anatomy in grotesque ships that transported the nightmares themselves. The ships traveled at enormous speed and showed little regard for self-preservation.

SLV Wallfish

Captain Falconi’s ship reflected his style: rough on the exterior but warm and even cozy on the inside. The ship served as a good home to him and the crew as they crisscrossed the League.



Kira Luminosa Navárez was born March, 2230 on the colony planet of Weyland, the eldest of two daughters (the other being Isthah Navárez). Her parents were among the first wave of settlers. Growing up, Kira often helped her father care for his favorite flower, the Midnight Constellation, in their greenhouses.

As a young child, the discovery of the Great Beacon in 2234 by Dr. Crichton inspired Kira to become a xenobiologist. Her life-long desire to seek out and study new forms of life eventually lead her to discover the Seed/Soft Blade on Adrasteia.

In her spare time, Kira enjoyed playing a concertina she bought off a miner during one of her assignments for the Lapsang Trading Corp.. The instrument accompanied her on missions ever after, providing solace and amusement for herself and her crew mates.

concept art galore


Trig was the youngest member of the crew and full of youthful enthusiasm. He was often found with a ration bar in hand, entertaining the crew with eye-rolling puns. His bravery and loyalty to the Wallfish and her crew never wavered. Born and raised on Utgard Station (a mining outpost at 61 Cygni B), his real name, which he was loath to share, was Epiphany Jones.

Trig - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse, concept art galore


Qwon was the first Jelly that Kira saw. Qwon’s fate was sealed when an explosion blew it out of the Extenuating Circumstances along with Dr. Carr and a piece of Kira’s suit.


Humans never imagined meeting a species quite like the Wranaui, the sentient, space-faring race that originated on the planet Pelagius. Researchers were astonished to learn about their highly complex life cycle and their equally complicated hierarchical social structure, dominated by Arms and a ruling form.



Named after the planet, the city Nidus was the first abandoned settlement of the Old Ones that humans discovered, and final resting place of the Staff of Blue. The city was obviously empty, yet it felt. . . dormant, as if awaiting a signal to awaken.


Kira constructed Unity using technology drawn from the Seed’s vast store of knowledge. Unlike any human or Jelly station, it was an amalgam of organic and inorganic materials, filled with living, growing elements, an ecosystem drawn from different races to form a harmonious whole.

Fractalverse Galaxy

Visual representation of the Fractalverse Galaxy. Poster available for purchase.

Fractalverse Poster, concept art galore

Orsted Station

The UMC built this station by Ganymede, one of Jupiter’s moons. It had two spindle-like extensions at either end, with a bulbous middle, like a gyroscope. Its stationary shield ring provided docking space for ships, while the central hab-ring rotated to provide gravity. (Poster available for purchase.)

Fractalverse Orsted Station, concept art galore

More to Come

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Concept Art Galore