Welcome to the Fractalverse!

Welcome to the Fractalverse, travelers!

Over ten years in the making, the Fractalverse spans the distant past to the far future. It is a place of boundless possibility where you’ll find stories big and small, human and alien, always deeply personal and—in the end—hopeful. For we live in a vast and often dangerous universe, and hope is the most precious and powerful gift any of us can have.

On this website you’ll find a wealth of information about the Fractalverse, starting with the people, places, and things of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, the first published work in the setting. (Warning, here be spoilers!) You can also explore the larger Universe and listen to some of gorgeous music inspired by the Fractalverse. And don’t forget to browse the Shop to pick up your own piece of the ‘verse.

One of the most exciting things about the site is the concept art that I’ve commissioned from Hollywood professionals. Their awesome work is sprinkled throughout the site, and more is on the way!

One of my favorite pieces is this image of the space station Unity:

Unity - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse

Over the years, I’ve been impressed by the quality of art that readers have produced, and I wanted to share some of it. Now we have a home for it on our Fan Art page.

If you’d like to see your creation on the site, post it on social media using the hashtag #FVfanart. I’ll choose my favorites each week. If you are one of the lucky ones, my team will contact you to get permission to post your work (with attribution, of course).

And this is just the beginning! My team and I have tons of content lined up for this site, so be sure to check back on a regular basis to see what’s new: music, art, merch, or even some fiction.

Not only that, I’ll be sending out updates and exclusive content in my quarterly newsletter. Be sure to sign up below. You won’t want to miss it, I promise!

As always, thanks for your support! None of this would be possible without you. This site is for you, so go forth and explore.

And don’t forget. . . “Eat the Path.”

Fractalverse Logo Christopher Paolini, Earth, 2021

p.s. Also, huge thanks to my assistants, Holly and Immanuela—as well as the fine folks at WebDev—for working so hard to create this beautiful website. They’ve gone above and beyond the call of duty, and it shows in the final product!