Q&As with Christopher: Burning Questions – Part 1

Burning Questions – Part 1

Burning Questions - Part 1

Hello everyone!

Christopher recently took a break from editing his next two projects (slated for release soon) to answer some fan questions gathered from his social media. As time allows, he will be doing more of these Q&A sessions in the future, so keep an eye out and be sure to submit your questions on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Today’s Q&A features topics ranging from what kind of beer Eragon might drink, to how Christopher conceptualized the alien ships in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars, to tidbits about the upcoming Disney+ adaptation of Eragon. Settle in for the entire session or skip ahead to the answers you most want to hear.

Question index:

00:00 Intro
00:48 Japanese edition of To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
02:02 “What is a real-world example of beer that Eragon and friends would drink?”
03:16 “Can you tell us fun facts about Fírnen’s time growing up with Arya?”
04:04 “What did Angela whisper to the priest?”

04:39 “How will the new Rider magic pact affect the dwarves and Urgals?”
05:58 “Anything more you can tell us about the wounded soldier who saw the lights?”
07:08 “Does prophecy change with your true name? And if so, could Eragon return to Alagaësia?”
08:06 “Is the new Eragon series on Disney+ going to be live action or animation?”
09:56 “Will the new Eragon series on Disney+ be focused on a younger or older audience?”

11:47 “How large of a role will you play in co-writing the new Disney+ Eragon series?”
12:54 “Are you anticipating a lot of changes from book to screen?”
14:22 “What is an approximate date for your next book?”
15:29 “Will we ever get a full world map of the planet that Alagaësia is on?”
17:07 “Will there be more Fractalverse novels? Will there be an illustrated guide/lore book?”

18:50 “Is there still a movie the making for To Sleep in a Sea of Stars?”
20:38 “What happened to Kira’s team?”
21:24 “How did you conceptualize the alien ships in To Sleep in a Sea of Stars?”
22:33 “What advice would you give to aspiring fantasy and sci-fi writers?”
24:01 “Are you planning on making any more writing tip videos on Youtube?”

25:07 “What would you say is/are your interesting writing quirks?”
26:24 “How many notebooks have you filled since you started writing?”
27:44 “How on earth did you become a Scottish Laird?”
28:38 “Who was the most difficult character for you to write, and the most easy?”
29:30 “How is fatherhood?”

Burning Questions – Part 1