New Concept Art

Greetings prisoners. It is with great honor that we invite you to peruse this collection of new concept art from the Fractalverse.

Entropist Icon - FractalverseEntropists

Meet Questant Veera and Questant Jorrus. Like many Entropists, this hive-mind linked duo participated in radical gene hacking. Adding to their unique physical appearance, they often wore sophisticated robes packed with advanced, miniature tech. But it was their scientific and intellectual intelligence and unwavering quest for knowledge that earned them the respect and admiration of many lifeforms across the Fractalverse.

Entropists Jorrus and Veera - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - artist credit Imogene Chayes
Veera (left) and Jorrus (right) Artwork by Imogene Chayes, 9B Collective

Doctor Vishal

An exceptional cook and an even better physician, Dr. Vishal was a vial crew member on the SLV Wallfish. His professionalism and kindheartedness helped Kira learn more about the Soft Blade and test it’s capabilities.

Doctor Vishal - New Concept Art Inspired by To Sleep in a Sea of Stars
Dr. Vishal Artwork by Imogene Chayes, 9B Collective


The Great and Mighty Ctein ruled the Wranaui for uncounted cycles. The cruel dictator was formidable, with dozens of tentacles, thousands of eyes, and a radioactive core.

Ctein - Alien Concept Art - To Sleep in a Sea of Stars - Fractalverse
Ctein Artwork by Jorge Norgaard, 9B Collective

Runcible and Mr. Fuzzypants

Ship cats are a mainstay aboard spaceships throughout the Fractalverse. A ship pig on the other hand? You’ll only find that on the Wallfish.

Mr. Fuzzypants Artwork by Jorge Norgaard, 9B Collective

Runcible Artwork by Mike Uwandi, 9B Collective

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