Introducing: Salvo Falconi

We are thrilled to introduce fresh concept art of none other than intrepid owner and captain of the Wallfish, Salvo Falconi. Drawn by artist Imogene Chayes, we think these perfectly capture his ice blue eyes, muscular physique, and deep spacers tan. His favorite weapon, a grenade launcher named Francesca, is also featured. Which one do you like best?

A man stepped through the doorway. He was shorter than her, with sharp blue eyes in startling contrast to his deep spacer’s tan. A day’s worth of black stubble covered his chin and cheeks, but his hair was neat and combed. His apparent age was early forties, although of course, he could have just as easily been sixty as forty. Kira guessed he was on the younger side of that equation, as his nose and ears didn’t show much, if any, age-related growth.

He wore a knit shirt under a vest with military-style webbing, and he had a well-worn blaster strapped to his right thigh. His hand, Kira noticed, never strayed far from the grip of the weapon.

There was an air of command about the man; the kid and the doctor straightened seemingly without noticing as he entered. Kira had known men like him before: hard, no-nonsense SOBs who wouldn’t settle for half-truths. Moreover, if she had to guess, he would sooner stab her in the back than allow anything bad to happen to his ship or crew.

That made him dangerous, but if he wasn’t a complete bastard, and if she dealt with him straight—straight as she could—he would probably treat her fairly.

From To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

*Plot spoilers:* Salvo Falconi and his crew encountered Kira Navarez after her escape from Sigma Draconis. She was not fully honest about the circumstances surrounding her escape. Even after her deception became apparent, the captain didn’t abandon her to her fate. Instead he and his team become instrumental in helping her defeat Ctein and the Maw.

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